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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Family Culture

In The Straits Times Insight yesterday, the focus was on whether there is a Singapore Culture. Teenagers who were interviewed opined that there is.

To me, before we even talked about Singapore Culture, there should first be FAMILY culture. Below are my views:

Foster respect
Children should be taught respect at a very young age. Respect refers not only to others, it is also to oneself. Parents should also show respect to their children by allowing them to have privacy.

Act together
It means doing things together. As a family, members should do things together. This will foster closer relationship between parents and children. If possible, should also include grandparents. This will then breach the generation gap.

Motivate each other
Be it good or bad times, motivation is a powerful tool to nurture potentials further. During setbacks, it is even more important to be motivated by family members. Children need constant encouragement. So do couples, when they meet crisis at work. Share with your spouse or family and get some comfort to get things moving.

Involve everyone
This refers to household chores or something the whole family may be involved. When everyone plays a fair share, there is unity. When there is unity, it means work gets done and there is satisfaction. With satisfaction, there is joy in achievement.

Live simple
Life need not be surrounded by branded stuff. Live simple and the children will appreciate the value of money. Thriftiness is a good value to inculcate in children from young. It will go a long way for them.

Yours truly
Whatever you do, do it with sincerity. It will let you have peace of mind. You will then be a happier person and be able to sleep well. With clear conscience, you will be able to focus better, be it school work for children or work for adults.

I have used the above tips for my family and they have worked fine. I am sure my children will contribute to society with positive attitude. Whether we have a Singapore culture or not, it should be a gracious society where our children can live happily.


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