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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monthly Reflections 0704

It's another month with one third of the year gone.

For April, my achievements are:

  • Submitted income tax claim before 15/4 deadline.
  • Settled web hosting selection. In the course of switching to wordpress.
  • Submitted final insurance claim for Lawrence on 'Total Permanent Disability' ground to Great Eastern.
  • Brought mum to Modern Beauty at Toa Payoh and both of us had our facial done there. It was the first time for mum.
  • Finally settled the application for the maid and she is now at my mum's place.
  • For Art Outreach, shared with the students of Pei Tong, Jurong and Methodist Girls primary schools on public sculpture and art fundamental 1.
  • On Good Friday evening, attended the 1st Friday Writers Corner of The Society of Singapore Writers. Shared with those present on Nurturing Kids on Literacy Appreciation.
  • Met the Chinese scholar from Cedar Girls' Sec Sch. Her name is Li Jing. Had an outing with her to Changi Village on 8/4, Yulin's birthday. On the following weekend, my 2 younger girls had table-tennis and badminton with her at The Civil Service Club. Last Friday, invited her to our house to have a home-cooked meal.
  • Had my regular monthly Reiki session on 14/4. This time round, all the 5 kakis turned up and we sure had a good time 'roasting' each other.
  • Brought Lawrence for his quarterly check-up at Toa Payoh clinic on 18/4. He lost another kg. Sure need to work harder to reduce further.
  • Brought Lawrence for his monthly massage at The Adelphi on 19/4.
  • In the same evening, attended the CPT Alumni with 14 other participants.
  • Attended Cedar Girl's Sec Sch Sports Day on 20/4. Participated in the Parent cum Staff relay event.
  • Accompanied my mother-in-law on 2 occasions to SCH for her regular check-up.
  • Managed to enrol 5 students for the self-improvement courses with Mindchamps this month.
  • Took the written exam on Education Success Coach last night. Although there were 40 multiple-choice questions, it sure was a tough paper.

Tasks to be done in May 2007:

  • Must do more brisk walking with my husband again. Need to monitor further weight loss for him and myself.
  • Must clear half the plastic bags which are piling in the room. Balance to be completed in June.
  • Apply the parenting and NPL strategies learned, where appropriate.
  • Have my regular monthly massage and facial done.
  • Continue to Reiki those in need.
  • Target to enrol 10 students for self-improvement courses that will benefit them in the long term.
  • Go to the library and internet to gather materials on parenting tips.
  • Re-write any blog articles and switch to wordpress for my new website.
  • Set aside time to train new maid for my mum as a companion and help with household chores.
  • Attend refresher course on SEO web design.
  • Attend Cedar Girls' Sec Sch 50th Anniversary Dinner on 19/5.
  • Attend practical Education Success Coach training.


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