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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Delights and Woes of the Week 0717

It has been a rainy week so I chose to stay home most of the time
. Well, still there are delights:
  • Glad that my eldest girl, Yulin, had enjoyed her trip at Phuket (24/4 - 27/4).
  • Accompanied my mother-in-law to the polyclinic at National Health Promotion Board, near Singapore General Hospital. She had fasted the previous night and had her blood test done. Despite her discomfort, she was in good spirit.
  • Invited Li Jing (the Chinese scholar) for dinner on Friday. She sure was a small eater. I suppose that is how she maintains her slim figure.
  • Got quite a number of families to attend the complimentary workshop on Saturday. Although some of them did not turn up, I still had one enrolment done.
  • This afternoon, met up with Valli, parent of the Indian boy who enrolled last week. After settling the balance payment, gave her a copy of Deeper Than The Ocean. Thereafter, took her around Toa Payoh Central to familiarize herself with the surroundings.
For the woe, my mum is finding difficulty in communicating with the new maid, Misti. My sister and I see it as a positive stress where she will be kept on her toes. We told her to take it as a challenge for both of them to get to know each other better.


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