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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Having POSITIVE Attitutes

In Singapore, to remain employable is tough. For a parent to juggle between work and family, is even tougher. Well, I am proud to say that I managed to stay in the workforce for more than 31 years. The first 3 jobs were around 3 months each. The 4th one lasted more than 30 years from secretary to executive level.

Many people asked how I managed to stay in the same company for so long? My motto is “Every Day is a New Day”. In addition, you need to have POSITIVE attitudes.

P repare to learn

This is important because to remain employable, one has to learn new skills to keep abreast with the ever changing times. Make it a point to look for courses relevant to your work and get the company to sponsor them. These include computer courses, communication skills, negotiation techniques, to name a few.

O bserve others

By observing others, especially your supervisors and bosses, you would be able to pick up leadership traits from them. The other aspect is to get along with your colleagues better, especially those from other units. Good liaising with different levels has its advantage - things can get done faster.

S elect your friends

More often than not, we spend a lot of time in the office than at home. So, it is good a have a few good and ‘positive’ friends who will support and give you encouragement in times of crisis. Usually, these will be your lunch ‘kakis’ where you can share your joys and woes. This is also a good time to de-stress and enjoy yummy meals together.

I nfluence others

This refers to getting others to be on your side, especially if you are on a project. By able to influence others in the team, common goals can be achieved and time-line can be observed. By having this strong trait also brings out the leadership quality in you. Your supervisor and boss will appreciate that.

T rust your instinct

Just when do you do that – when you have a new idea, when things go wrong or when you are in a dilemma to make a decision. Do consult your supervisor or boss in such a situation. Explain why you are taking the approach and get affirmation from them before proceeding.

I nvest your time

By this, I mean prioritizing the tasks allocated to you. If need be, delegate to others who are the ‘experts’. It also refers to striking a balance between work and family. By having quality time at home and at work, you will be in a better form to perform your tasks.

V alue yourself

By this, I mean one need to feel good about oneself. Unless you value yourself, then you can tap on your strengths and develop them further. If one has low esteem, it will show in his/her slacking performance. When you value yourself, you also look radiant and ready to take on new challenges.

E njoy what you do

Last but not least, enjoy what you are doing. When you have lost the joy in your work, it is time to move on to other areas. So, while you are on the job, take pride in it and give your best shot. Enjoy also your relationship with your colleagues. It will go a long way, especially if you intend to stay in the same company as long as I do.

Well, hope parents still in the workforce will find the above tips useful, not only in the office but also at home.


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