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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reflections on 2006

January – My 3rd daughter, Yu Mei, turned 17 on 23/01/2006. No fancy celebration. Just a family get-together for a nice meal. Of all my children, she is the “rebellious” one who likes to argue with me. No matter what, she is still my child and I will love her always.

February – Yu Mei got her ‘O’ level results: two A1s, one A2 and the rest B3. Considering her score was 23 during her prelims, she had done well. As a parent, I am proud of her. She is now in Meridian JC and I am sure she will continue to do well in her ‘A’ level next year.

March – I attended the Certified Professional Trainer course conducted by Quest. There were 3 workshops and 3 assignments to be completed. Intend to do part-time training after I retire.

April – My eldest girl, Yulin, turned 22 on 8/4/2006. She is in her final year at NTU doing Mass Comm. On 22/4/2006, we lost our uncle (my father’s eldest brother) aged 90 in Kuala Lumpur. I brought my dad to KL to pay our last respects. Dad was full of emotions. He thought he would break down and cry but he didn’t. Instead, when he was back in Singapore, he cried quite often for no apparent reason.

May – We lost our dad on 12/05/2006 Vesak Day. While penning this, my eyes are wet with tears. Every time I think of him, I just can’t help it. Papa, I still miss you . . .

June – There was no Father’s Day celebration. Rather, all of us spent more time to visit my mum who still grieved for the loss of my dad.

July – At work, I was transferred to the User Administration Section. Quite a bit of adjustment to make and got to know my team members better. Had to stay late quite a bit too, most times up to 9 pm.

August – I joined the SEO Web Design workshop and started a blog – Up till today, have 50 posts. Will continue to blog and share parenting tips with interested parties.

September – There were 3 birthdays and our wedding anniversary to celebrate. As we were still in mourning mood, I just brought my mum out for dinner. No cakes for my 2 kids (Shuen Min and Yu Sin).

October – After more than 30 years with the same company, I decided I needed a break and submitted my retirement notice. Instead, after talking to HR, I opted for no-pay leave for 6 months. Like I said earlier, I intend to do part-time training. If all work well, I will formally retire in May 2007.

November – My last day of work was on 29/11/2006. Colleagues have given me farewell treats and wishing me all the best. I need that as I know venturing on my own is tough. Come what may, I will take the challenges!

December – This one month, I thought I could relax. Instead, I was rather busy clearing up things at home, going to my mum’s place and attending classes. Managed to take a short break with my husband to KL during Christmas week.


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