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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Keep Healthy With Clean Air

Every living thing needs the warmth of the shining sun, clean air and pure water. However, the earth where we live is ruthlessly destroyed by ourselves – pollution. This has threatened our survival. Let us look at what are some of the indoor air pollutants and dangers:

  • Human factors – cigarette smoke, rubbish smell, perspiration smell body odour, etc
  • House factors – toxic gases from decoration materials, furniture, home electric appliances, etc
  • Biological factors – microorganism, virus, mould, pests, hairs of pet animals, etc
  • External factors – industrial waste gases, soot, sand, toxic chemical gases, etc

Singapore may not be the top 10 polluted cities but prevention is always better than cure. To keep the home environment clean, especially where there are children, it is good to install air purifiers. Below is a product that I will recommend:

TRL Air Purifiers

These purifiers adopt anion technology that purifies the air and removes toxic substances including dust, odours, moulds, etc. The following are some functions of anions:

  • Generate active oxygen in the air for ease of breathing absorption
  • Sterilize germ structures and subdue them
  • Act as an air freshener that combine dusts that float in the air with ionization and this will cause the dust in the air to subside.

With cleaner air, the benefits expected are:

  • Sleep improvement
  • Promotion of metabolism
  • Promotion of immunity
For more information, please log on to:

Besides the home, you may also put one of these purifiers in the car or near the computer. I have used this product myself and have found them to be truly beneficial.

Parents, for the sake of your family (children and old folks), do consider getting one or more of these purifiers.


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