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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Last night, I attended an alumni gathering. One of the speakers gave a talk on "Appreciation". This may be a simple word but it encompasses a lot of meaning.

The speaker shared on the following tips:
  • Why is there a need to appreciate - because it increases the value of people
  • What should one appreciate - people's Loyalty, Efforts and Differences
  • How should one show appreciation - it needs to be Real, Recognizable (to the recipient) and Regular
  • Who do you need to be thankful to - for you to decide
  • Who do you need to be thankful for - for you to consider

After the talk, it got me thinking. More often than not, we take things and people around us for granted. Do you remember when was the last time you say "thank you" to someone? Well, I am proud to say I still constantly do that. Also, I give a smile whenever I can as I know it will brighten some one's day.

I am thankful to:

  • my husband to who has been ironing my clothes
  • my children who have been helping out in household chores
  • family members who give support when I needed them
  • a bunch of good friends who have been sharing my joy and woes
I also want to be thankful for:
  • being healthy and able to do a lot of things
  • having a patient husband who tolerates 'nagging' and quick temper
  • having 4 great healthy children and in supporting my further studies and other activities
  • having family and friend support in times of crisis

What about you? For those who are always in a hurry, do spare some moments to smile. Also, remember to thank your spouse, children, family and friends, who are always there for you, SINCERELY and REGULARLY.


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