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Friday, September 29, 2006

BEAUTY of Wellness

Wellness refers to the condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits.

Would like to share with Singapore parents the BEAUTY of wellness:

B ody Fit
at Right

A lways Cheerful
U se Your Brain
T hink Postiive

Body Fit
To ensure that one's body is fit, regular exercise and have enough rest are important. They are many options to exercise:
  • sign up with a fitness centre
  • go to community centres and enrol activities such as dancing, badminton and others
  • jogging, swimming, brisk walking or even household chores
Having enough rest means sleeping well and have time to relax. The following are some ways to relax:
  • pamper yourself with SPA treatments
  • go for a movie, read a book, meet up with friends for a chat or do something you enjoy
  • do nothing, just lie down on bed/sofa or just meditate
Eat Right
This means one should have a balance intake of carbonhydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables. Where the diet is inadequate, then go for supplements. Drinking enough water is also essential to ensure that the body system is cleansed. In Singapore context, being in the tropical region, one should drink at least 2 litres of fluid each day to 'fight' the hot temperature here.

Always Cheerful
To stay cheerful, just laugh alot. Also, put on a smile when you meet people. It will brighten someone's day.

Use Your Brain
For the brain to function well, keep it active. As one ages, this is very important. When one stops thinking, the brain also gradually loses its ability. So to stay active, read a lot and do things that need analysing.

Think Postive
Besides keeping the brain active, one must also adopt a positive attitude. When everything is possible to you, then nothing is impossible.

Young at Heart
When you have a fit body, eat right, always cheerful, use your brain well and think positive, then naturally you are YOUNG at HeART. And you are young at heart, you will be happy.

That is the BEAUTY of wellness. Hope Singapore parents will find the above tips useful.


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