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Sunday, August 13, 2006


I read with shock and sadness on the article in The Straits Times, Singapore, today titled: "How teens deal with unwanted babies - Abortion after abortion after abortion . . ."

The main reason is these teens choose unprotected sex instead of using contraceptives. They also prefer not to use condoms and rather take the risk, all for the thrill of sexual satisfaction.

What went wrong? Is it society's fault or parents' fault? Our education system surely failed terribly in this aspect. Most importantly, I think teens themselves should be responsible for their own actions. They know what they are getting into and still do it.

Sex is only part of one's life. There are many other things to thrive for in life. While exploring for pleasure, do spare a thought for after consequences. Every baby deserves a chance to be borne. By abortion, these teens are actually killing unborn lives. They are also doing disservice to their body.

So wake up you teenagers out there!
Have some discipline and respect on yourself! Have respect for the unborn too!


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