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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why SEX?

In yesterday's "FRIDAY MATTERS", the topic was on "Best message? Know sex, no sex and safe sex"

Generally, the writer was trying to say that in Singapore, what we have gone so far is NOT SO EFFECTIVE to discourage sex activity in teens. She wrote: "With sex still a taboo topic in the community, what's to stop a teen from merely signing a pledge card to say "no" just to conform to his parents' or society's ideals, without really walking the talk? Is it likely that such a teen will stop having sex just because taxi drivers, religious leaders and parents say so?

The answer is obviously NO. What I would like to add on is by knowing sex, having no sex and practising safe sex is not enough. Teens should also ask themselves what is the right reason for having sex. Is it just for fun? Out of curiosity? Whatever . . .

Simply put, when a male and female LOVE each other, it is not just physically. They accept each other's good values and flaws too. When they are ready to commit to each other, that's when they decide to get married, have babies and raise them together.

At an age when they are still schooling, the element of love is still shallow. Teens should just concentrate on studies. Of course, they can still have fun. However, just bear in mind, engaging in sex should not be one of the choices.

In school, when the teens are given a project, they will explore the pros and cons before embarking on the best approach to be adopted. When attempting to have sex, they should also apply such logical thinking:

  • What is the real reason for wanting to have sex?
  • Are you ready for sex?
  • What are the likely effects after the ‘enjoyment’?
  • Are you ready to face the consequence should there be unwanted pregnancy and sex-related diseases?
  • Who will suffer most should any of the above happens?
  • Is it really worth it to try now?

Hope teens will bear the above tips in mind before trying. To sum up, life is more than just above sex. One can choose to live a more fruitful life in many other ways. The choice is yours.


  • this is good advice. as i read it, i thought of a resource that might be helpful for both parents and teens who are reading this post. it's a book called For Young Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. it specifically addresses some of these issues on sex and really helps young women to understand the reality behind how guys act and what they desire. i'd highly suggest it, along with other great advice. good luck :)

    By Blogger ableknife, at 2:14 AM  

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