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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Eating Right

Have you ever wondered what you eat will affect your organs in your body? Well, here are some food for thought advice that my friend, Linda (a nurse for more than 7 years), has to share:


LUNGS - if you are paled face, try taking white colour stuff like winter melon, almonds, white sesame and the like. To boost your lung energy, try long distance jogging.

HEART - if weak, usually has red face. Try taking red colour stuff like chilli, tomato, red wine, strawberries, etc.

GALL BLADDER, SPLEEN and LIVER - people with these weak organs will have yellow or 'green' face. Try dark green colour food such as spinach, brocolli plus other leafy greens.

STOMACH - for those with weak digestive system, avoid spicy food, milk, fish and seafood.

KIDNEY - the evident sign of weak kidneys is dark or 'purple' face. The remedy is to eat purple colour stuff like grapes, brinjal, mangosteen, etc.

INTESTINE - refers to constipation problems. Try orange and yellow colour stuff like orange, papaya, banana and the like.

BRAIN - for this vital organ, just maintain a positive attitude and have lots of laughter.

Besides food, the environment also plays a part. Green light helps to balance the body system while purple is good for the mind. So, for those having difficulty in sleeping, try installing purple light to calm yourself at day's end to have a GOOD NIGHT sleep.

In Singapore, life can be very stressful. So parents, with above tips, take note and try out some of the recommendations.


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