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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Treasure what you have

"Dead baby found in staff locker" - this was one of the headlines on the front page of The Straits Time, Singapore, today.

This is not the first time such occurences has happened. While some babies do survive, many are not so lucky. For childless couples, they will wonder why mothers of these babies can be so heartless.

Just yesterday, there was an article under Review with heading "Time to legalise womb renting". On 13/8/2006, it was "How teens deal with unwanted babies". What an irony! Some couples are desperate to bear and raise children while there are those who choose to abort or abandon them.

Whatever reasons the mothers of these babies may have, it is still a sad thing that such events have to take place. I am thankful that I have 4 healthy children. I am sure many parents with children will agree with me that it is a blessing and the joy of raising them is beyond words.

I only have this to say - treasure what you have!


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