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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Delights and Woes of the Week 0715

Until my new web page is ready, I will continue to update what are my weekly delights and woes . . .

For this week, the delights are:
  • On Monday afternoon, brought mum for facial at Modern Beauty Salon at Toa Payoh. This is her time attempt. She just enjoyed it but has no intention to sign on any package.
  • On Tuesday, finally selected the web hosting company and signed up with them. Thereafter, consulted my 'sifu' on how to switch to wordpress (still in progress).
  • On Wednesday afternoon, Courts delivered the new set of sofa to my house and disposed of the old one which had a bad tear on one side of the big sofa.
  • On Thursday afternoon, went to Jurong Primary School to share with Class 3G on the 6 elements of art, namely, line, shape, space, texture, colour and pattern. It was raining outside the classroom but that the children were just as responsive and chatty.
  • On Friday evening, was at Cedar Girls' Secondary School for Meet-the-Parent session as my youngest girl is Sec 4 this year. As usual, I get feedback from the teachers. Am glad that she will be released of her duties as Head Prefect soon. Then, she can concentrate more on her studies.
  • On Saturday afternoon, 5 other Reiki kakis turned up at my place for the monthly 'roasting' session. 2 of them joined us for the 1st time. Expect them to join us in future.
  • Today, one family attended the study workshop and the parents signed up after some deliberation. They are PRs from India and have been in Singapore for 3 years. Their only boy is somewhat addicted on computer games. Will be meeting them again next week to help draw up a time-table for the young gentleman.
For the woe, my mother-in-law needs to go for a bone scan next week after the doctor examined her on Wednesday. He wanted to make sure that there is no recurrence of cancer cells elsewhere in her body. She still cannot straighten her body when she lies down on the bed. Hence, her sleep has been affected. Really hope she will recover soon and resume her social activities.


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