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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Getting a Maid

The last time I had a maid was more than 5 years ago. Recently, because of my mum, we had to start sourcing for one again. To expedite the application process, here are some tips:

About the agent
  • A ttitude and service of agent must be good
  • G et checklist on documents required for processing of application
  • E nquire on processing time and expected 'delivery' of maid
  • N eed to know, besides the general charges, what other costs are involved, e.g. medical check-ups, maid levy, return air-fare, etc
  • T ake a look at their contracts between agent/maid and agent/employer - this is important because employer needs to know what is expected of them and that of the maid
About the maid
  • M ust match the requirements of the employer, e.g. willing to take care of the elderly, able to cook, etc
  • A ppealing and pleasant looking and to the liking of the employer (at least from the photo)
  • I ndicate what is expected of her on the first meeting, e.g. listen to whatever grandma says
  • D raft out a list of tasks to be done daily, weekly, monthly, for ease of management

Parents, hope the above tips help. We all love our children. Remember, she is also someone else daughter
so during her stay in Singapore, ensure that she is:
  • well fed
  • have enough rest
  • treated by a doctor when she is ill
  • not physically or mentally abused
  • not at risk when performing her task


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