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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bitter Gourd Soup and Omelette

I know a lot of people detest bitter gourd but there are those who also love it. I am one of these people. Here are 2 recipes that my family have enjoyed and I would like to share.

Bitter Gourd Soup

Ingredients – Half bitter-gourd, 2 carrots and 300 grammes of pork ribs

Preparation (serves 4 – 6 persons):

  1. Cut the bitter gourd into horizontal slices of 5 cm each
  2. Cut the carrots also about 5 cm apart
  3. Wash the pork ribs and put into a big bowl
  4. Pour boiled water over it and immerse for about 2 minutes, then drain the water away
  5. Put the bitter gourd, carrot and pork ribs into the pot
  6. If using slow cooker, use 4 bowls of water (takes 2 – 3 hours on ‘high’ volume to cook)
  7. If using conventional method, use 6 bowls of water, first on high heat until water boils, then to low heat and simmer for at least 1 hour.
  8. Before serving, add salt to taste (usually half – one teaspoon will do)

Bitter Gourd Omelette

Ingredients – Half bitter-gourd, 3 eggs and onions/red chillies (optional)

Preparation (serves 4 – 6 persons):

  1. Slice bitter gourd diagonally and thinly
  2. Put the sliced bitter gourd into a pot with enough hot water to immerse it
  3. Add a pinch of salt and boil the bitter gourd for about 3 minutes (do not cover the pot)
  4. Drain the water and put the bitter gourd into a medium bowl
  5. If onions and chillies are desired, cut them thinly and put them with the bitter gourd
  6. Crack the 3 eggs into the medium bowl and bitter gourd and onions
  7. Add soya sauce (2 teaspoons) or salt (half teaspoon) and mix well before frying

Goodness of bitter gourd

The bitter gourd has excellent medicinal virtues which are antidotal, tonic, appetizing, stomachic and laxative. Studies have shown that they are good treatments for diabetes, piles, constipation and blood disorders.

Singapore parents, hope you like the above 2 recipes and will find time to try them out. Enjoy the dishes with family.


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