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Friday, January 19, 2007

Internet Usage by Youngsters in Singapore

On the front page of today's Straits Times - "Young children lead online charge in Singapore".

The annual IDA survey shows that:
  • 90% of children under age group 10 - 14 use the Internet to communicate, play and learn
  • 64% come from those in the age group 15 - 59
  • 20% are those above 60 who were the least Net-savvy
And what are the top online activities that are of interest to these children (10 - 14)?
  • 60% send email (42% uses MSN Messenger to send instant messages)
  • 58% play games
  • 52% use internet for learning
  • 33% visit chatrooms
  • 27% share personal data in social sites like the Friendster
  • 18% download music/movies
In this present era, the Internet is inextricably woven into the lives of today's kids. Like one student said: "I cannot imagine life without the Internet." While this may be a fact, parents still need to be aware of the time spent by children on the internet. This is to ensure that they are not addicted to computer gaming. Take note of the following:
  • Is your child spending more and more time on gaming?
  • Is he/she neglecting his studies, CCA, family and friends?
  • Is his/her study or CCA performance deteriorating?
  • Is he/she feeling restless, irritable or discontent when not playing computer game?
  • Is he/she going to bed much later than usual or waking up 4 am in the morning just to play the game before going to school?
  • Is he/she developing health problems such as eye strain, weight gain and backaches?
  • Is he/she lying to the family and teachers about his playing pattern?
  • Is he/she feeling guilty, anxious or upset because of his habit?
  • Is he/she denying or rationalizing the negative consequences resulting from playing too much computer game?
If you answer is "YES" to several of the questions, then your child could be addicted to computer gaming! Want to know more of these 'danger' signs log on to

" Be Alert! Before Your Child become a Computer Gaming Junkie "


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