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Friday, January 12, 2007

Graduation Nite

What graduation and whose graduation nite?

It’s mine!

I signed up for the Certified Professional Trainers course with Quest Group in Sep 2005. Only attended the 3 weekend workshops in Mar and Apr 2006. Completed the last assignment in Nov 2006.

HOORAY to me and all those who make it. We were awarded The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) certification to be a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT).

The event last nite held at NUSS Guild House Suntec City saw more than 30 of us going up the stage to get our certificates. The youngest candidate is in the early 20s and the oldest one if beyond 50 years. Whatever age, it goes to show there is no boundary when it comes to learning.

The welcome address was delivered by K C See, CEO of Quest Group. This was followed by a speech by Allan Sensicle, Vice Chairman of IMPM UK. Then, we were treated to a 4 course sumptuous dinner. 3 other CPT graduates also display their presentation skills. Cheng Lin spoke on "Good Things Come in Small Size" and June Tan on "Power Dressing". The finale was by Doris Hui who led us on line dancing. What fun we had!

And what will the rest of us be training? Well, it’s what we do best or a new-found interest. For me, I want to share parenting tips with parents and their children. This blog that I have started is part of the preparation towards this goal.

Singapore parents and those elsewhere, hope you have enjoyed my articles so far and will continue to support me.


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