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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Charity Project (4)


Remember the Charity Project - Vibrant Colours that the Cedar girls are involved for The Singapore Olympics. Well, here is the update on the event coming up this weekend.

After almost a month of jumping over lots of hoops and dashing through tonnes of red tapes, Pioneer Junior College (PJC) team created Bazaar Vibranto.

Within a short month, they handled rejection from various organizations, lobbied NUS for endorsement and support. At the same time, they gathers more than 20 teams involved in PJC to jump into the bazaar. The commitment level they exhibited is extraordinary. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Act now! Call your friends, family, schoolmates and whoever you know. Ask them to visit Bazaar Vibranto. There will be game and food stalls. Teams will also be selling bags, accessories, skin products and lots more. All proceeds raised during the event will be donated to the respective beneficiaries.

Location: NUS Central Forum (Central Library)
Date : 7 January 2007 (Sunday)
Time : 1 - 7 pm

Singapore parents, do bring you children down to NUS for this Bazaar Vibranto. Show your support and do your bit for charity.


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