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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Charity Project (5)

This afternoon, my husband and I made a trip down to NUS Central Library for the Bazaar Vibranto. 15 junior colleges participated in this fund raising event. All 15 stalls sold different things, including food and games.

We were there at around 1 pm. Each of us took a burger (one chicken and one beef), followed by one cup of corn and ginko yam. In support of my little girl, we bought 2 drinks from her stall.

Next, guess what I did? Yes, it's henna. Isn't it nice? It costed $3 and I had to wait for 5 hours before brushing off the henna. This is the first time I try this out. Kind of fun. Will see how long it will last.

Although it's a Sunday, we were glad to see other parents who went there in support of their children or relatives. That's the Singapore spirit!

At closing time at 7 pm, Team Yellow grossed in more than $320 worth of stuff. In fact, their stall had the most number of items on display.

Well, todate, the total collection is close to $900 from yesterday's bazaar, the first fiesta and online orders. The school is also supporting them in cash donations. Hopefully, they will meet their target of $2,500 to present to Special Olympics Singapore.

Credos to Team Yellow for all the effort and time they have put into this project.


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