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Saturday, January 06, 2007

A LOVE Letter from my Daughter

School started on 3/1/2007 and my daughter, Yusin, attended a 3-day workshop by Adam Khoo - "I am Gifted So Are You". It ended last evening and parents were invited for the finale.

At the end of the session, Yusin handed me a letter that she had written in the wee-morning of 5/1/2007:

"Mummy and Papa

I love you
. Really, just that it will feel very awkward to tell you these 3 words out of the blue, right? Anyway, I must first confess that it is now 0110 am. This means that instead of sleeping, I am here in our dining area writing a 'love letter' to the both of you!

Anyway, yesterday, the coach gave a a prep talk about how we should not live to regret blah blah and that is why I NEED to tell you I love you! Really, I don't want to regret, should anything happen. *choi* but it really is from the bottom of my heart. Many times I have thanked you, in fact everyday, I will thank the both of you! But it is 'I love you' that is difficult to say. So, promise me that from now on, when/if I say 'I love you' to you, please do not look shock!

I want to thank the both of you for your love all these years! I think it was because of your love for me that you did everything you did. Gary, my trainer said that we are loved from the moment you conceived me! Because the both of you took great care of me, out of LOVE, when I was in your womb! I feel so so so so loved! Really! Actually, the workshop didn't really apply to me because even before the workshop, I already felt that MY PARENTS are the best in the world! because you don't ever stress me about studies etc. You have complete trust in me and I really love and thank you for that! I always feel so fortunate when comparing the topic 'FAMILY' with my friends I have 3 "wai leng nei re" siblings, meaning at the very bottom of their hearts, they care for me although they don't show it, and 2 FABULOUS parents!

You know, during the workshop, there was a question: what are you proud of? and immediately I got an answer! that is: "I have never disgraced my parents. They are NOT ashamed of me. I am their pride." Thank you mummy and papa! I am very 'ji dong' now because I am really very exicted when I think about how my achievements have made YOU PROUD of me! How happy you looked when you tell others 'Oh, my daughter got 262 for PSLE' or 'She is the Head Prefect of Cedar!' Really, I am proud that I have made you proud of me and all the credit goes you both! Really! The way you have brought me up. . .

Do you know I am the most knowledgeable about housework and common sense! It's true and I am totally independently at camps and chalets! Things are not difficult for me because I have been doing it all my life. My character and readiness to help, my efficiency, my responsibility, are all what you have imparted to me! I really really love you both! Without you, there is no me! (Litterally and metaphorically).

Well, apart from saying all that, I must confess to some mistakes I have done. Firstly, I am really sorry for not helping out sometimes, like boiling water, etc. I know I could have done it and everyone would be happier but I just didn't. Sorry, mummy. For papa, I always leave the dishes to you and take you for granted. Really sorry for all the things I HAVE NOT DONE. Another offence I always commit esp after I was in Sec 3, is sleeping late! And I actually either ignore the both of you or actually wake up later (after you sleep) and use the computer. Yes, sometimes, I wonder why I keep using the computer. Technology has made assignments IT. EXCUSES! because I am guilty of doing unimportant things online, when I am supposed to be doing work, like blogging, etc. Sorry mummy and papa. For your understanding towards my work load and helping me along the way.

Seriously, my whole life belongs to the 2 of you and it belongS not belongED means I will forever be your 'guai nu er'.

Love forever and everyday

I read this letter 3 times and have asked Yusin's permission to have it published in my blog. My husband and I are very touched by this 'LOVE' letter and I am sure you know why . . .


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