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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Delights and Woes of the Week 0704

This week, I would like to start with the woes first.

Yesterday, I lost my temper and scolded my husband. He was trying to help but what he did annoyed me so I blew my top. I have learnt to let out my frustration out instead of cooping inside me.

Parents, when you do have frustrations, do let them out or share them with someone instead of keeping everything to yourself. It will do your internal organs more good than harm and they will then function better. You will then have less ailments.

Now for the delights:
  • Kept my mum company on Monday and Friday. Physically, she is getting better. Mood wise, still need more cheering.
  • Accompanied my husband for his quarterly check-up at Singapore Toa Payoh Polyclinic on Wednesday morning. He lost about 1 kg, as compared from the last visit. Need to work harder to reduce more weight.
  • Completed my Reiki II course on Thursday. Hope to help more people achieve better wellness in their health.
  • Had a good night sleep last night from after midnight till 9 am this morning. It had been a long time since I last slept so well.
  • This afternoon, helped a comrade to enrol a Sec 4 student for advances learning techniques with MindChamps.
  • My youngest daughter, Yu Sin, shared that she won the badminton's tournament. Next week, 2 more games coming up.
So much for this week.


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