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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Delights and Woes of the Week 0707

This is the 7th week into 2007 and today is the 1st day of Lunar New Year. Being a positive person, naturally, I have more delights and these are:
  • Making a trip to the market with mum. It sure reminisced old times.
  • Continue to share recipes to those who read my blog. This week, 2 dishes on using bird's nest.
  • Managed to register domain name "JUNEPARENTING.COM" with my sifu's guidance.
  • Had a belated Valentine's celebration with my husband on 15/2. He had a body massage while I did a facial. Thereafter, we had buffet lunch at Oscar's Cafe at Conrad Hotel.
  • Got some spring cleaning done to get ready for the coming Lunar New Year, with the help of my youngest girl. She sure is a darling.
  • Prepare dishes for reunion dinner for my family. We had steamboat and barbeque.
  • The 6 of us took turns to play mahjong from 9 pm to midnight.
  • Paid a visit to my mum's place today as the kids have not seen her for quite a while.
As for the woes, I am sad to note that there are a lot of 'sick' people around me. My Reiki list just keeps getting longer.

Singapore parents, here's wishing you and your family a nice and long weekend. Do find time to relax.


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