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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tips to Healthy Foot Care

With Chinese New Year round the corner, many shopping malls in Singapore offer a good variety of makes and brands. While new shoes may look pretty and trendy, old ones are usually more comfortable. Get new ones if you want but here are some things to take note:
  • Select shoes that conform to the shape of your feet
  • The toe area should be roomy
  • Heel height should be low if you need to stand or walk for long hours
  • The front portion should be square or round to suit the shape of your feet
  • Foot size changes as one ages so it is always good to try on the spot
  • Due to weight gain or loss, one foot may be bigger than the other so choose the size that fit the larger one
  • For sneakers, replace them after running more than 600 - 800 km or after doing 300 hours of aerobic activities
  • Avoid tight shoes and those with stiff backs
Other pointers on foot care include:
  • Cutting toe nails across in a straight line to avoid ingrown toe nails
  • Standing for long hours without shoes may cause fallen arches
  • To avoid planter warts, wear flip-flops instead of walking barefoot
  • To avoid tendon inflammation, it is good to warm up and stretch before and after work-outs
Parents, hope you find the above tips useful and happy shopping for your kids and yourself. For more information on foot care and treatments, you may log on to


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