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Monday, February 05, 2007

A Trip to Chinatown with Mama

Yes, mum and I took Bus CT8 down to Chinatown this morning. It was an impromptu decision. It has been a very long time since the both of us step onto this part of Singapore together. Mum had wanted to buy a pair of shoes for quite some time and did not know where to go. Her existing pair had already worn out.

It was a pleasant 20 minutes ride via CTE. We alighted at Chinatown Point. Went to Fook Hai Building for a walk before proceeding to People's Park Centre. At the second shoe outlet, she finally found the pair that she likes. The pure leather khaki sandal was soft and comfortable. The salesgirl said it was from Italy. A little pricey though. Nonetheless, I paid for it and she wore it there and then. The old pair was discarded.

Then, we moved on to old People's Park. Looked at some clothes but nothing took to her fancy. For lunch, we had dim sum at the 2nd level - siew mai, har kau, fish porridge, chee cheong fun and fried toufu. She sure had good appetite.

Thereafter, we dropped by my uncle's shop on the 3rd level. He has been selling costume jewellery with my aunt there for a long while. Yes, it was a surprise visit. My uncle was glad to see my mum in such spirits. We chatted for a while before we departed to go home.

Back home, she took a nap and was cheerful preparing dinner after that. I sure am glad to have made her day.

As a parent myself, I was delighted that my 2 younger girls are back to normal and in good health.


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