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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Serving National Service

In Singapore, it is compulsory for all guys reaching age 18 to serve National Service.

So, on 8 April 2005, my only son was enlisted. My husband and I were invited to Pulau Tekong where he and the rest of the company underwent BMT (Basic Military Training). We were given an orientation tour around the premises and also got to taste the food they were to be served.

After 3 months, we were again invited for the passing out parade. It definitely was a MUST Go. Knowing I had a heavy schedule, I remembered my son telling me it's ok if I cannot make it. I told him he is my only son and I will not get another chance if I miss it. So I took half-day leave against the displeasure of my supervisor.

And today, he is finally 'out' after almost 2 years. All I can say is he seems darker and fitter than before. My husband sums it all: "Son, you are now a man!"

Was I worried during the 2 years. Of course. But as his parents, we are proud that our son has done his part for Singapore.


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