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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Questions Children Ask About Everyday Life

Hi Parents

You will agree with me that children learn by asking questions. Well, below is a collection on what they ask about everyday life:

I wonder:

  • Why I should say “Thank You”?
  • Who belongs to a family?
  • Why are there different kinds of families?
  • What is an adopted child and how do you get one?
  • Why do we need money?
  • Why do some mothers go to work and some don’t?
  • What is a neighbour?
  • How does a letter get to the right place?
  • Why do I have to go to school?
  • Who builds and pays for the school?
  • Where do teachers come from?
  • Why do we need policeman and who pays them?
  • Why are traffic lights green, red and amber?
  • How does a fireman know which house is on fire?
  • Why do we need laws and who makes them?
  • What is the government and do they do?
  • What is a citizen?
  • How does a mayor get elected in Singapore?
  • Who can be President?
  • Why do people speak different languages?
  • Do children in all countries play the same game?
  • Do different countries have different holidays?
  • How can I get to know children in other countries?
  • Why must we stay away from strangers?

It’s quite a handful of questions, isn’t it? Well, you do not have to question all at once. Just pick one a day and make it an open session for the whole family to be involved. Everyone is free to air his/her views and share what they know. This way, every family member gets to participate.

Won’t this be a great to interact with each other . . .


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