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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Delights and Woes of the Week 0708

This is the 8th week into 2007 and today is the 8th day of Lunar New Year. As usual, I will share the delights first:
  • On Monday, kept my mum company, just staying at her house. We chatted a lot though.
  • On Tuesday, stayed home the whole day, just relaxing. No visiting.
  • On Wednesday morning, collected medical report for my husband and send in for insurance premium waiver. Thereafter, had buffet with my husband and eldest girl at Le Meridien. Presently, they are promoting local dishes.
  • On late Thursday morning, went for massage. It's a once a month enjoyment that I indulge on myself.
  • Finally found the ant nest in the kitchen on Friday afternoon. At one of the cabinets. With my husband's help, cleared the whole mass. Of course, threw out some more unused stuff.
  • On Saturday morning, attended 2 meetings at Cedar Girls Secondary School. Volunteered for the Rainbow group and Parent Guardian Programme.
  • This morning, finished Feb issue of Reader's Digest.
Now for the woes:
  • My 2nd sister quarrelled with her husband and this had upset my mum.
  • Need to get carpenter to fix up the cabinet with the ant nest.
  • Had 2 prospects this week but failed to get them to sign up for the children's programme. Must try harder.
Singapore parents, if you have yet had Yu-Sheng, there is one more week to go.


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