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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Monthly Reflections 0701

How time flies, it’s the end of the first month of 2007 and what have I done?

Based on the Wish List that I had drawn up in early Jan, my achievements are:

  • Only managed to go brisk walking with my husband on the first week of Jan 2007. As at 24/01/07, his weight was 72.9 kg, down 1.5 kg as compared to last check-up in Oct 2006.
  • For spring-cleaning and house-keeping, progress may be slow but still did some disposals and some parts of the house is cleaner.
  • Did go to my mum’s house about twice a week, cook for her and cheered her up.
  • Met up with 5 successful people who have very positive attitudes. Notice some of their distinct traits like cheerfulness, tolerance level, high energy level, lovingness and NLP techniques.
  • Had inspired 2 people to go self-improvement courses that will open their horizons on new openings awaiting them.
  • Had a facial done during mid-month and it was simply good feeling.
  • Completed Reiki II course and have been helping others in need of the extra boost of energy.
  • Have been driving my children to sleep by 11 pm with about 30% success. Will try harder.
  • Sold some shares and made some passive money to supplement expenses.
  • Have been blogging almost every day.

Task to be done in Feb 2007

  • Must spend more time to do brisk walking with my husband. Target to bring 1 kg of down every month until he hits 65 kg.
  • With Chinese New Year around the corner, must expedite more spring-cleaning.
  • Continue to make new friends with success and learn from them.
  • Go for one massage and one facial for maintenance of well-being.
  • Continue to Reiki those in need, especially family members.
  • Continue to ‘nag’ my children to be in bed by 11 pm.
  • Target to enroll 10 students for self-improvement courses that will benefit them in the long term.
  • Start gathering materials on parenting tips.
  • Keep blogging daily and to increase traffic flow.
  • Get a maid for my mum as a companion and help with household chores.

Singapore parents, how have your first month of Jan 2007 been? Care to share???


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