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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Time Well Spent

Today, I stayed home the whole day, except going to the grocery store to get some weekly supplies. Besides doing the usual chores of washing the clothes and some house-keeping, I had a relaxing time.

As I have a roadshow tomorrow, I did some paper preparation work. In the afternoon, did some reading and also catch a short nap. Thereafter, checked the email and played some internet game.

Then, I cooked dinner - 2 simple dishes and a soup. For dessert, we had guava. In addition, I took an ice-cream. Also, called my mum for a short chat.

It may be an ordinary day but to me, it was time well spent. I just felt good. In Singapore, parents usually do not have the time to relax. Try doing simple things and find joy when doing so. It's another form of de-stress.


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