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Friday, February 02, 2007

Follow Your Heart

Since June 2005, after crossing 29 years of service with the same company, I have been asking this question: "Do I want to work till I am 55 or 60 with this company?" The answer repeatedly is no.

So, I started my journey of exploration. What do I want to do after my 'retirement'? Interestingly, I attended many talks, took up courses and made new friends. I also see new horizons. Finally, the time came for me to make a decision when I crossed my 30 years of service.

I talked to my children and they supported my decision to leave. I also brief my mum and youngest sister of my new found interest to go into training. So In October 2006, I found that the time was right and informed my supervisors of my departure.

My other siblings and colleagues felt that I had made a hasty decision since I still have 4 school-going children and a non-working husband.

Well Singapore parents, I FOLLOW MY HEART.
Life is short and it is important that we spend our life meaningfully. I want to share what I know with others and inspire them in one way or another. To date, no regrets.


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