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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monthly Reflections 0702

This is the shortest month of the year. Yes, it’s the end of February 2007.

So far, my achievements are:

  • For the whole month, I went brisk walking with my husband only once. Still watching his diet and getting him to exercise more though.
  • Had more outings with Lawrence - did massage/facial, went for buffet; bought table lamps for the rooms; went to IKEA to look for sofa covers.
  • For spring-cleaning and house-keeping, finally found the ant hive in one of the kitchen cabinets and got rid of it.
  • Was at my mum’s place twice a week and took her out at times. On one occasion, had buffet with her. We sure had a good time. Glad to see that she is much better now.
  • Met quite a few writers during the gathering at the Singapore Society of Writers. Good to have them share their experience on writing and publishing their books.
  • Went down to 2 schools - one primary and one secondary. Shared with them on the 6 basic elements of Art Fundamentals.
  • Was involved in a road show at Kovan Bus Interchange. Managed to get 2 prospects to go for complimentary workshop for children's development programme.
  • Had lunch with my mother-in-law before Chinese New Year. My son is the only paternal grandson and she is always happy to see him.
  • Hosted a Reiki session with 3 other classmates on the 2nd Saturday. Intend to make this a monthly affair. In total, have Reiki-ed more than 50 people this month.
  • Got my 2 younger girls to share their daily delights and woes.
  • Finally hit 100 posts on 26/02/2007 for my "parent-joy" blog.

Task to be done in Mar 2007:

  • Do more brisk walking with my husband. Target to bring 1 kg of down every month until he hits 65 kg.
  • Complete filing of documents.
  • Continue to make new friends with success stories to share.
  • Go for one massage and one facial for maintenance of well-being.
  • Continue to Reiki those in need, especially family members.
  • Target to enroll 5 students for self-improvement courses that will benefit them in the long term.
  • Start gathering materials on parenting tips.
  • Switch to wordpress for my new website.
  • Settle application of maid for my mum as a companion and help with household chores.

Parents, hope your month has been a joyful one with Lunar New Year celebrations.


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