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Monday, February 12, 2007

To market with Mama

The last time I went to market with my mum was a long long time ago. In fact, should be before I got married. Now that she is better, we intend to go more places. So, this morning, we make a trip to the market.

Now a parent with 4 kids myself, I finally found time to be with my own mum again. It was like going back to old times. Of course, people have changed and so have the stalls and nearby shops.

Along the way, we met several people. First was a neighbour who had quite a bundle on her hands. She was on her way home with some New Year goodies. Next was an old acquaintance that mum had not seen for a long time. She is also in her 70s but looking just great. We exchanged some updates and proceeded to walk around. We met some more people whom mum just said hello and we moved on. As it was already late morning, most of the stalls at the market were already closed.

As we strolled along, we 'discovered' some new stalls and shops. Mum was glad to have found her favourite fish-ball seller at one of the coffee shops. For some of the shop outlets, we also found that the owners have changed hands. In Singapore, shop-keepers are finding it hard to compete with the bigger players with many malls springing up.

As noon time drew near, we settled for a stall at the market that sells Teochew porridge with ready cooked food. We ordered 2 bowls of porridge, a plate of cabbage, sardine and some pig trotters. It really was like going back to old times. I do miss the morning breakfast that dad prepared for us.

Mama, we should do this more often. When I grow old, hope my children will still go to market with me!


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