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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Book Fair Fiesta (2)

Today is the 7th day of the Bras Basah Complex Book Fair. Well, want to share with you folks on some interesting incidents over the past 2 days:

On Tuesday afternoon, around 1.40 pm, there was suddenly a huge crowd in front of our booth. My colleague was curious and followed the direction where all the eyes were watching. There, she saw a naked man. Of course, I joined in. Apparently, the naked man was doing some ritual praying. After every few steps, he paused and bent down to bow. There was a policeman next to him and he was following the clotheless guy closely. Shortly after this, another policeman came with a cloth to wrap up the attention-seeking man and led him away. I must say the Singapore police force sure is efficient for such "arrest".

Mr Lee, the man-in-charge of the book fair, arrived in time only to catch the policeman leading the man away. Someone had alerted him of the usual attraction so he came to take a look. I teased him that this is free publicity. He asked if we saw everything. When my colleague said she only the back of the man, he asked if we want to follow him and see the front. Of course, we had a good laugh and I remarked that it should be the same and nothing unusual.

Later in the evening, about 6.30 pm, it started to pour. We noted water seeping through the roof of the tents and decided we should pack up for the day. We put everything above the table stands, just in case water flowed through. To our surprise, the water just make its way else where and not out booth. Isn't the feng shui good???

On such book fairs, we would least expect repeated visitors. However, our booth having been getting the same customer over the last few days. It's a little boy about 8 years old whose parents have a shop upstairs on the 3rd level. He would diligently drop by and ask for balloon swords. Everyday, he gave different excuses. Yesterday, he came by twice saying his friend burst his balloon so he would like another one. We had to turn him down saying our stocks are running low.

I am sure we would be expecting this little visitor again today and the next few days. Would we continue to give the balloons to him??? Hmm . . . will update you again.


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