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Friday, March 30, 2007

Learning The Fun Way

I read with interest the article in today's The Straits Times on page H9 - "NTUC Childcare gives its syllabus a makeover".

All childcare centres under the NTUC umbrella will be having new curriculum from April 2007 which include:
  • Exciting experiments and 'hands-on' activities like setting up a restaurant, mixing drinks with different ingredients and playing cashier, just to name a few.
  • Observing things around them and making simple deductions.
  • Step-by-step methods and activities for teachers to use (as opposed to general outline of a topic).
  • Incorporating art into the English language.
  • The last 10 weeks of Kindergarten 2 will be spent getting the children ready to enter primary school.

I really applaud this move by NTUC Childcare. To keep abreast with the ever changing times, I sure the other childcare centres will also be upgrading their programmes to entice Singapore parents.

What is important is that these organizations must recognize that learning should be fun. At their age, they should be enjoying life and do what kids should be doing.


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