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Friday, March 16, 2007

Useful tips to share

Last night, we had our 1st CPT (Certified Professional Trainers) Alumni meeting after the formation of the committee. Although we had only 10 participants, all of us had fun.

Daya was the Emcee for the event. Besides getting all present to give a short description about themselves, he also shared 2 games with us. The 1st one was a word and number teaser:

Given S = 3, find the other numbers. Each letter represent 1 digit between 1 - 9.
Try this out. Answer will be given tomorrow.

Then we had Henry Ng as the 1st speaker for the night. Before he started on his topic was on "How to Ace that interview", he shared a tip. If you need to "blank" out the screen of your notebook for a while when using Power Point, just press the "B" button. Simple enough.

Henry then went on to share pointers starting with "P" like preparation, process, post-mortem and . . .

Very useful tips indeed. This was followed by evaluation on eye/brain control,structure, energy, visual, question handling and instructional skills. Overall, he received positive feedback and areas for improvement.

Jessica also shared a tip on how to pronounce a particular word correctly. Just log on to

Next, we had the 2nd speaker and that was ME. I spoke on "Having POSITIVE attitude" - for details, please refer to my earlier blog dated 3 Dec 2006. I also did a demo on how to make a "poodle" balloon sculpture. My audience were impressed. At the end of my presentation, I gave it away. Upon further requests, I made another 3 more. Like Henry, I was being evaluated by my team mates. Generally, much improvement but still need to cut down on my non-words.

Finally, Daya wrapped the session with a Geography quiz. It's about knowing the country and capital city. We sure had to crack our heads to give the answers.

Singapore parents, do try out the 1st word and number teaser above.
Answer will be given tomorrow.


  • June, you have a nice blog. At least much better than mine, and can see you putting effort into it. Another tips which I shared is to go to google "open office" and then download the software from SUN official website. It offers free software that is WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT compatible. It is free and you won't worry about Microsoft legal issues. I think more people need to be aware of Open Office.

    By Blogger Henry Huang, at 10:40 PM  

  • Hi Henry
    Thanks for the tip. Care to let me have your blog web site? I am sure I will find interesting posts too.

    By Blogger June Goh, at 11:25 PM  

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