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Monday, March 26, 2007

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - 2

Hi Singapore parents

Day 2 session on 23/3/2007 started at 9 am and ended at around 5 pm. The following areas were covered:
  • Getting the results that you want - the magic of rapport
  • Eye accessing cues
  • Chunking up/down
  • The driving force - values and beliefs
  • Alignment of your goals, beliefs, values and behaviours
I like the portion on Eye Accessing Cues. By observing one's eye cues, you will be able to tell if he/she is:
  • Vc = Visual Constructed
  • Vr = Visual Remembered
  • Ac = Auditory Constructed
  • Ar = Auditory Remembered
  • K = Kinesthetic
  • Ad = Auditory Digital
Other tips shared by the trainer on Beliefs include:
  • What is the key belief that is limiting you?
  • What price have you paid for having this belief?
  • How does holding on to the belief benefit you?
  • Why must you change this belief?
  • Why this belief is not true?
  • What would be a new alternative belief to help you?
  • Why is this new belief TRUE?
At the end of the 2-day program, the trainer wished that all participants are able to:

Well, I must say the trainer did his best in getting us to understand the NLP theories in simple ways. Our journey towards success has just begun . . .

Thank you, Kheng Mong!


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