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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - 1

Hi Singapore parents

Want to know what is NLP? It is the art and science of personal excellence.

Today and tomorrow, 11 of us have the chance to learn some of the NLP techniques and apply them through activities.

Day 1 session started at 9 am this morning and ended at around 9 pm. The following areas were covered:

The Neuro aspects include our 5 senses such as:
  • Visual (see)
  • Auditory (hear)
  • Kinesthetic (feel)
  • Olfactory (smell)
  • Gustatory (taste)
The Linguistic aspects touch on language and other non-verbal communication systems through our perceptions.

For the programming part, it is how we organize our ideas and actions through the neuro and linguistic aspects to achieve our results. Isn't this interesting???

Below are the 6 NLP Guiding Principles To Success where the trainer elaborated with examples:
  • We already have all the resources we need or we can create them
  • There is no failure, only feedback
  • The Map is not the territory
  • The meaning of the communication is the response I get, regardless of my intention
  • If I am not getting what I want, I will change the way I go about doing it
  • Take 100% responsibility, no matter what happens
Other tips shared by the trainer include:
  • Ultimate success formula
  • Goals and outcomes
  • Modelling - strategies to success
  • Modelling physiology
  • Mental modelling
  • The secret to peak performance
  • Mastering your mind: how to run your brain (modalities and sub-modalities)
Of all the activities that we did, I like the negative experience best. I used to 'hate' one of my superior to the core. When I did Reiki previously, we were told to forgive our enemy which I did.

Tonight, when we were told to dispel negative thoughts, again, this person's name pops up. I thought I would give it a try again to see if I have fully forgiven her. And I did. Instead of the disgusting figure that I would have pictured, I saw a very different person. From head to toe, this 'enemy' don a totally new image, one that is cheerful and friendly.

I am now very sure I have forgiven her fully. The mention of her name no longer irks me. Isn't that great?

Well, will share more with you after I learn more things tomorrow.


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