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Monday, March 19, 2007

EMO kids

Singapore parents, do you know this term "emo" kids? Well, I just learn it today from The Straits Times on H2. It stands for emotional. Emo teens apparently adopt the following fads:

  • They like to wear dark T-shirts, a little undersized or deliberately worn down to look old
  • Their choice of sneakers is Converse canvas shoes. On these sneakers, one can find words like "pain" scribbled in red ink or a drawing of a broken heart
  • They also like to don heavily lined eyes
  • Their hairs will be long fringed which cover half their face
  • They like to listen to angst-filled music from bands like Hawthorne Heights, Aiden, The Used, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy
  • Some like to pen poems about suicide and dealth
  • Others opt to slash their wrists to "ease their pain"
Counsellors shared that there are more cases of girls attempting wrist cutting as opposed to boys. The age group is also getting younger and younger.

I agree with the author that while it is ok to follow the trend, one should not hurt oneself physically. It is very sad to know that our teens have such tendencies.

Parents, if your children are in their teens, do look out for any change in fashion, new interest in music mentioned above or other pecularities. If you do suspect something amiss, it is better to seek help early.
Don't wait till tragic happens.


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