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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Family Love Affair

The common saying is "Charity begins at home." So is LOVE! I attended a parenting talk last night and tonight. The speaker shared about the love language. It leaves me much WRAPS for thought:

Words of affirmation or appreciation
More often than not, we take things for granted. When was the last time you say "Thank You" to your child for a task that he/she did willingly? Or give him/her a pat when he/she did well in school work/project? If we could nag less or not nag at all and say "Thank You" or give them a pat the next time round, see what happens?

Love is a two-sided affair. When one is giving all the time and the other does not respond, it just isn't going to work. Just as it takes both hands to clap, it's the same with love. This applies to all generations. How we treat our parents, our children will see and mirror. So if you want your children to treat you well, do the same for your old folks.

Yes, action speak louder than words. By this I mean, physical touch. When our children were young, we hug and kiss them a lot. When they gradually gets older, somehow, all the hugs and kisses also gradually reduce. This is so sad. I am glad that my youngest girl (aged 16) still bids me good night with a kiss. I still hold my son's hand (aged 20) when we go out and I am glad he allows it. These may be little things but can mean a lot.

Nothing beats getting gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. It does not have to be of high value. I always treasure hand-made ones. So far, collections from my children include:
  • Hand-made cards with 'love' messages
  • A cushion with all their names hand-written on it
  • A framed puzzle with missing pieces but with messages on the empty spaces
  • Costume jewelry (some are hand-made by my eldest daughter herself)
  • Photo frames with pictures that tell a story
  • Clothings
Last but not least, is doing something for your loved ones, like:
  • Cooking a meal for the family
  • Helping in household chores
  • Sewing and mending clothes
  • Planning an outing or surprise activity

Well, Singapore parents, hope the above WRAPS up the family love affair.


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