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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Delights and Woes of the Week 0709

It's another Sunday and today is the last (or 15th) day of Lunar New Year. Well, the delights for this week are:

  • On Monday, brought my mum for buffet lunch at The Straits Cafe, Rendevous Hotel. Yusheng included.
  • On Tuesday evening, attended a preview on Neuro-Linguistic Programme. Good to attend the course if I have the time.
  • On Wednesday, was at mum's place again. She finally agreed to take in a maid. Will arrange with agent to have the bio-data for selection.
  • On Thursday morning, went for complimentary massage at Body Wellness. This is one good thing when you have multiple credit cards with such promotions.
  • On Friday afternoon, attended the presenter audition at MindChamps. It was good experience.
  • On Saturday evening, helped my partner for a talk at De La Salle Primary School on How to maximize your child's EQ. The turnout was quite good with more than 50 parents.
  • This evening, had dinner with my husband, eldest and youngest girls. We ordered 4 dishes, one of which is Yusheng. After all the well-wishes, we dug in. Too bad, my son and 2nd daughter had to miss this moment.
For the woes:
  • My mum's giddy spells came back on Thursday and Friday and she is still afraid to be alone.
  • The Cedar school camp at Labrador was shortened on Friday as more than 50 of the students had diarrhea. I was scheduled to join them on Saturday as parent volunteer but was informed to skip it because of the diarrhea breakout.
  • Yet to get prospects to sign up for the children's programme. Must really put in more effort.

Singapore parents, hope you had a wonderful time during this Lunar New Year.


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