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Friday, March 02, 2007

Presentation Audition

Yes. I attended the audition to be a presenter with MindChamps this afternoon. We were given the script about 10 days ago. Despite going through it quite a number of times, remembering it word for word was really a challenge.

As there were 30 of us, each of us were given about 5 minutes to do only the Introduction. The closing part was skipped. We were told to be there 15 minutes before our time slot. My scheduled time was 5.05 pm. As it was raining quite heavily, I arrived around 5 pm. Luckily, there was delay and I still had some time to over the script again.

As the minutes turn into seconds, it was finally my turn to go in. I did what I always tell my children, "Take 3 deep breaths before you start." Well, not too bad on the whole. I only paused for a while after 2 minutes, did a bit of re-collection and carried on. I think my Certified Professional Training did help.

The criteria for the presentation are:

Ability to create interest - 30%
Flow of presentation - 20%
Presenter's presence - 20%
Diction - 15%
Personal attire & appearance - 15%

Parents, this is a totally new experience for me. I look forward to more such opportunities. Of the 30 of us, only 5 will be selected and given more training. Wish me luck . . .


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