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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Delights and Woes of the Week 0712

It has been a busy week with lots of action. First, the delights:
  • Glad to be with my mum again on Monday and Wednesday. We even made a trip to Chinatown on Wednesday and paid my uncle and aunt a visit.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, was at Bukit View Secondary School as facilitator to Sec 3 students. There were 39 pupils in the class but 5 were absent. The remaining 34 stayed throughout the activities from 2 - 6 pm. One of the games required them to squeeze into the boys' toilet. The 9 girls were sporting enough and did as told. They remarked that it was smelly though.
  • For Thursday and Friday, attended NPL workshop with 11 others. Trainer shared many tips with us and also got us into action with lots of activities. We even got to watch glimpses of the movie "CRASH".
  • On Friday evening, helped as facilitator at West Spring Secondary School. This is in preparation of the big event coming up on next Saturday.
  • Yesterday afternoon, was busy again doing usher duty at Toa Payoh. In the evening, helped a parent settled his payment for his child's learning programme. In the night, managed to get 2 deals from the same family for 2 boys, one P6 and one P4, to sign up for the relevant learning programmes.
  • This morning, had Reiki II reunion at Cairnhill Circle. Good to meet and share with those present on happenings since January 2007. In the afternoon, was at Great World City to settle air ticket payment for my eldest girl. She will be going to Europe in May 2007.
Since going to all these schools, really get to know Singapore better. Although a small island, there are still lots of places I have yet been to.

As for the woe, sad that my mother-in-law has been unwell. Her legs were giving her so much pain that she has not been sleeping well. Paid her a visit this evening and did some Reiki for her. Hopefully, she can sleep well tonight.


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