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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Book Fair Fiesta (3)

Today is the 10th and last day of the Bras Basah Complex Book Fair. Well, it has been quite humid during the last 3 days:

Remember the little boy who came back repeatedly for balloons? Well, he did not turn up again. Instead, a pair of Indian siblings have been coming. Since today is the last day, whoever request for a balloon will get it, while stocks last. We had fun making the various ballon designs - from sword, poodle, flower, parrot, hat and swan.

The other popular item is sweets. Not only do children want them, adults also take them. I just love to see the delight on the children's face when they get a balloon or a sweet. Some older ones were shy to take initially but after seeing the younger ones having fun, they also ask for it. We even have some old ladies asking for the balloons for their grandchildren.

Overall, the turnout is not bad. Many of colleagues managed to get leads for parents and their children to go for the complimentary workshops. We also took turns to patronize some of the stalls.

As for me, I tried out about half of the outlets at the foodcourt. The food there is not too bad but a little pricey though.

So much for the update. Bye for now.


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